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This site contains information about Java package QuarkConstruction, which provides geometry for a family of polyhedra named Quarkhedra of HO and DI types, and for modular structures formed of these polyhedra. Obtained geometry(vertices and faces) enables to create the vizual representation by use of a mathematical visualization software, Mathematica for example.
Remark: The names of described polyhedra used on this site, are not scientifically-grounded, and in future most likely will be replaced with more correct ones. The word "quark", which is used in description of mentioned objects, does not reflect any relationship with fundamental elementary particles quarks and is applied only with the purpose to emphasize singularity of properties of the described polyhedra.


The work on the package and its documentation is not finished yet. Therefore only a brief description of how to create mentioned objects using Mathematica can be offered now.


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is FREE only for non-commercial use.


If you have any comments or ideas concerning this package or its documentation please send e-mail.


On this site is used LiveGraphics3D interactive Java applet written by Martin Kraus. LiveGraphics3D allows 3D objects, created by use of Mathematica, to be interactively manipulated on an HTML page. For additional details and description of LiveGraphics3D and its capabilities, see documentation on the LiveGraphics3D Homepage or the LiveGraphics3D description page on the MathWorld site.

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